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Konjac is a kind of food produced in the south of China. Konjac is a beneficial alkaline food, which can reduce the pain of those who eat too much acidic food. When eating konjac together, it can achieve a balance between acid and alkali in the body, which is beneficial to human health. China began to cultivate konjac more than 2,000 years ago, and later spread to Japan, where it has become one of the most popular folk food. There are many kinds of konjac, in many places in our country are planted, its production and eating methods also have a lot of, and taste excellent, in many places have been made into a very famous snack

Konjac is not only rich in nutrition, but also has great medicinal value. According to Compendium of Materia Medica, it has been used as medicine in China since more than 2000 years ago. It has an excellent effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes and hypertension. Still have the action of prevention and treatment colon cancer, breast cancer additionally; In obese people, or excellent medicine to reduce weight. Today, the use of konjac and made of thousands of food, not only retained konjac nutritional value, but also more conducive to the human body to its digestion and absorption.

Konjac itself has no taste, if you want to make it more flavorful, you can be like frozen tofu. Take the way of freezing, frozen konjac increased holes, easier to absorb soup, taste better. And after the processing of konjac silk generally only need to be stored in cold storage, when eating almost no smell, natural also do not have too heavy flavor of seasoning, can be used to cook soup.

Product Type: Food
Taste: Tasteless
Certification: BRC, GMP, HACCP, ISO, JAS, NOP
Age: Children, Adults, Old-Aged
Style: Instant
Contents: Water konjac power
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 0.37
Shelf Life: 12 months
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Package: 24 Bags / Carton
Ingredient: Water konjac power
Shape: Various Shapes


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