Attracted by female translators? A new American book says that Putin chose her to confuse trump, and Russia responded

According to Russian media reports, the New York Times reported on the 28th that Stephanie Grisham, former press secretary of former US President trump, wrote in a new book that during the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan in 2019, Russian President Putin specially selected a woman as an interpreter when meeting trump, The purpose is to divert Trump’s attention from the talks.
Putin and trump met during the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan figure source: RIA Novosti
Grisham wrote in his book, “after the talks began, Fiona hill, who was then Trump’s adviser, asked me if I had noticed Putin’s translation. It was a girl with charming black hair, long hair, beautiful face and charming figure. Hill said that she speculated that Putin could specifically choose such a charming black haired beauty as an interpreter to disperse (trump) The president’s attention. ”
Grisham also pointed out that trump had told Putin before the talks that he would “act tough” in front of the camera, and they would “talk” after the reporters left.
Source: Russian news agency
With regard to the translation mentioned in the book, the press secretary of the Russian President Peskov said that Putin himself would not participate in the selection process of translators. The translation was provided by the Russian Foreign Ministry at the request of the presidential palace. At the same time, a source from the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the attention of the US delegation to the appearance of the translator just showed what they were thinking when they attended the talks. “Now we know what senior members of the U.S. delegation are thinking when they talk with Russia. Considering the feminism and gender experiments carried out by the United States for decades, we can understand them,” the source said
Source: Russian news agency
Grisham’s attempt to use Trump’s topics to publish books to make money has been severely criticized by trump supporters. In response to her new book, trump spokesman Liz Harrington said, “this book is another sad attempt to use the (former) president to make money and sell lies about the trump family.” trump himself also said, “She gets money from a radical left-wing publisher, saying bad things and untrue things. It’s too bad that profit seeking publishers continue to publish frustrating garbage.

Post time: Sep-30-2021