Yantian Port has 11000 reservation numbers, and six logistics companies have been suspended from entering the port

In July, China’s import and export of goods increased by 11.5% over the same period last year, and foreign trade continued to develop well. However, China’s foreign trade enterprises were under great transportation pressure due to the rising freight rates and the difficult situation of one box.
It is reported that on the morning of August 21, the reservation number of 11000 export heavy containers in Yantian Port was lost. Many freight drivers said that they had found that the reservation number had been robbed before opening AAP to enter the reservation system.
Hugo bacteria found that in August 21st, Yantian international issued a notice through the official account. Starting from 8 in August 22nd, the APP declaration system of Yantian international entry booking system was upgraded and maintained, and the appointment function was suspended.
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After the incident, Yantian international organization personnel conducted a counter investigation and found that some logistics companies were malicious number grabbing. It is understood that most of these logistics companies are registered within 5km of Yantian Port Wharf, and most of them are engaged in “warehouse cabinet” business, that is, through cooperation with the port, they transport heavy cabinets into the port and complete the transaction.
As for why the number rush broke out, some Trailer drivers said that just because the company is nearby, they can’t make a lot of money like drivers who pull heavy cabinets for a long time. For them, they can only make money by walking.
At present, Yantian international has suspended the entry operation of the trailer company involved in the number grab.
Unable to enter the port is also a lot of pressure for logistics companies. Trailer drivers can only press the heavy containers on the trailer or place them in the yard, which not only produces additional costs such as car deposit fee and storage fee, but also a series of problems such as difficult container storage and wharf congestion.
Over the past year, the tight supply and demand situation in the field of international shipping has continued. Recently, the problems of container capacity and freight rate are still serious. Local governments have reported that it is difficult to book space and high freight, and the operating costs of foreign trade enterprises have increased significantly

Post time: Aug-25-2021