Xuzhou Shanghai vegetable extension base cooperation forum held in Shanghai

Autumn rice and Shu thousand heavy waves, the world’s favorite is harvest. At the 2020 Xuzhou modern agriculture investment promotion and Xuzhou Shanghai vegetable extension base cooperation conference, 16 projects were successfully signed, with a total investment of 5.88 billion yuan and a transaction volume of 123million yuan.

Xuzhou, formerly known as Pengcheng, is the birthplace of Han culture. Its farming civilization is long and thick, suitable for the growth of various crops. It has been known as “Pengcheng harvest and Jiuzhou” since ancient times. In 2017, Xuzhou was approved as the first batch of national agricultural sustainable development pilot demonstration zones and pilot pilot areas for agricultural green development.

The reporter learned that since the first Xuzhou (Shanghai) vegetable extension base was established at the end of 2016, 27 vegetable bases have been successfully listed, with a total supply of 2.6 million tons of vegetables and fruits and a trading volume of 14.5 billion yuan.

Located in Zhengji Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou, Xuzhou Runjia Food Co., Ltd. is the largest number of vegetables sold to Shanghai in 27 extension bases. Staff introduced that the enterprise established a sales point in Jiangqiao market, and the wholesale volume delivered to Shanghai from Xuzhou reached 100 tons per day, accounting for more than half of the total production of the base.

Reporter observation found that in the exhibition products brought to Shanghai, many of them are small package vegetables, such as two lantern peppers, one potato and one carrot in one package, and one packing bag, which matches vegetables with mushroom. “Small packaging and half dishes are popular in Shanghai, and upstream vegetable bases should keep up with the trend,” the staff told reporters

The vegetable extension base of Chen Wang Xuzhou (Shanghai) in Shuanggou Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City, was mainly producing eggplant, with a relatively single variety. After listing as extension base, according to the consumption demand of Shanghai citizens, we actively adjust the product structure, and currently mainly produce the best-selling tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers in Shanghai market.

“We produce 6000 tons of vegetables a year, and more than half supply the Shanghai market.” Zhu ye, the head of the report, told reporters that when the outbreak just occurred, vegetable prices in Shanghai market fluctuated, which was the Spring Festival, and most workers had returned to their hometown. In order to ensure the supply of Shanghai market, the base night organization personnel rush to collect and rush seeds, and ensure that vegetables from the extension base can be used to help the Shanghai market.

After years of efforts, Xuzhou and Shanghai have formed a good foundation for cooperation in the production and marketing of agricultural products. The relevant head of the Municipal Commission of Commerce said that the public regional brands of “Xuzhou Nonghao” and “1 + 4 + n” have been popular in Suzhou and Shanghai. Xuzhou has more than 900 direct agricultural products stores in Shanghai, with an annual sales of 35billion yuan“ “Dashahae” burdock in Fengxian County, “West (sweet) melon of Suining ancient Yellow River”, “white garlic in Pizhou”, “Xinyi” hard soluble nectarine, “Yong Xu” Broccoli and baby dish, pepper and black peanut of Suyan, tomato with “Mohu green” and “duofushan” cucumber, Shahe impression series fresh fruit, Xushu purple potato, Guangqin rice “Huasheng” flour and other famous and excellent agricultural products enter the dining table of Shanghai citizens.

Post time: Jul-19-2021