This week begins! All imported fruits in Yunnan will be under centralized supervision

Recently, Kunming slobber’s headquarters for New Coronavirus infectious disease prevention and control work issued a circular on strengthening the control of imported fruits in Kunming.
The notice clearly states that from 0:00 on January 20, 2022, all imported fruits entering Kunming for storage, sales and processing must enter the centralized supervision warehouse of imported fruits established in Kunming. After the sampling nucleic acid test results are negative and preventive disinfection, they can be stored, sold and processed in Kunming only after obtaining the warehouse exit certificate.
Kunming centralized supervision warehouse of imported fruits is located in Jinma Zhengchang metal materials mall. The operator of imported fruits shall actively make an appointment with the centralized supervision warehouse 24 hours before the arrival of imported fruits in Kunming, and truthfully declare the owner information, vehicle information, goods information and relevant supporting materials. After the imported fruit enters the centralized supervision warehouse, the sampling nucleic acid test result is negative and the preventive disinfection is carried out, the centralized supervision warehouse shall issue a warehouse exit certificate before it can be removed from the warehouse.
The imported fruits after leaving the warehouse must upload relevant supporting materials (including customs declaration form or border mutual market transaction form, inspection and quarantine certificate of Inbound Goods, negative nucleic acid test report, preventive disinfection certificate and exit certificate of centralized supervision warehouse) on the “yunzhisuo” platform, and generate the “yunzhisuo” QR code by batch, The two-dimensional code shall be pasted on the outer packing box of imported fruits before they can be stored, sold and processed in Kunming.
The imported fruit shall not be mixed with other goods during transportation before entering the centralized supervision warehouse, and the driver shall not unload or pour the goods in the middle of the transportation without permission. The costs of nucleic acid detection and preventive disinfection of imported fruits in the centralized supervision warehouse shall be borne by the owner in full. Imported fruits entering the market need to be endowed with a “cloud wisdom tracking” QR code

Post time: Jan-18-2022