The Spanish company developed natural fungicides to deal with leaf edge scorching bacteria

According to the news from Barcelona, Spain, leaf edge scorch, which is widely spread all over the world and causes huge economic losses and endangers a variety of crops, is expected to be controlled. The Development Department of Spain lainco company and the plant health innovation and development center of the University of helona (cidsv) have successfully launched a pure natural solution after five years of scientific research. This scheme can not only effectively control and prevent leaf edge scorch, but also have an effect on other bacterial diseases endangering crops, such as Pseudomonas syringae disease of kiwifruit and tomato, Xanthomonas disease of stone fruit and almond tree, pear fire blight and so on.
Leaf edge Scorch is considered to be one of the most harmful pathogens to crops, especially fruit trees. It can lead to plant wilt and decay. In more serious cases, it will lead to the drying of plant leaves and branches until the whole plant dies. In the past, the method to control leaf edge scorch was usually to directly remove and destroy all diseased plants in the planting area to prevent the continuous spread of bacteria. However, this method can not completely prevent the global spread of leaf edge scorch pathogen. It is reported that this plant pathogen has been widely spread in the American continent, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The harmful crops include grapevine, olive tree, stone fruit tree, almond tree, citrus tree and other fruit trees, which has also brought huge economic losses. It is estimated that there is only one grape category in California, USA, which causes a loss of 104 million US dollars every year due to leaf edge scorch. Since the discovery of leaf edge scorch in Europe in 2013, due to its rapid spread, the pathogen has been listed as a key quarantine pest project by the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO). Relevant studies in Europe show that without effective prevention and control measures, the leaf edge scorch pathogen in olive gardens will spread wantonly, and it is estimated that the economic loss can be as high as billions of euros within 50 years.
As a R & D and manufacturing company focusing on crop protection, lainco in Spain has been committed to exploring a natural solution to deal with the increasing spread of leaf edge scorch worldwide since 2016. Based on the in-depth study of some natural plant essential oils, lainco R & D department began to try to use Eucalyptus essential oil to deal with leaf edge scorching bacteria, and achieved good results. After that, the plant health innovation and development center of helona University (cidsv), led by Dr. Emilio Montesinos, launched relevant cooperation projects focusing on Eucalyptus essential oil for joint research and development, further determined the efficacy of the essential oil product, and accelerated the project from laboratory to practical application. In addition, lainco confirmed through a series of experiments that this natural solution is also suitable for controlling the spread of Pseudomonas syringae disease of kiwifruit and tomato, Xanthomonas disease of stone fruit and almond tree and pear fire blight mentioned above.
The key point of this innovative solution is that it is a pure natural control and prevention method, which is very easy to implement, and there is no damage to diseased plants and related animals and plants. The composition of the product is stable at high concentration and room temperature, and has remarkable effect in preventing pathogenic bacterial infection. It is reported that lainco’s natural fungicide has just obtained a product patent in Spain and will be promoted and used worldwide in a few months. Starting from 2022, lainco will first carry out the registration and approval process in the United States and the European Union, which has been started in some countries in South America.
Lainco is a chemical company that develops, manufactures, packages and sells phytosanitary and pharmaceutical products. At present, the company has a wide range of crop protection solutions, especially the new biostimulant and biological fertilizer solutions. At the same time, the company ensures an efficient and sustainable development model with product quality, technological innovation and respect for the environment.

Post time: Jan-12-2022