The benefit of planting asparagus in greenhouse is good, and four crops can be harvested in one shed a year

On the Yellow River beach in the west of ChangLou village, Liji Town, yuncheng county, there is an asparagus planting base with an area of more than 1100 mu. After a light rain, looking around, I saw asparagus fresh and green, swinging with the wind. “This is only part of the asparagus base. The total asparagus base of the cooperative is more than 3000 mu, with an annual output of more than 2000 tons of green asparagus.” said Chang Huayue, chairman of Jiuyuan Asparagus Planting professional cooperative in Yuncheng county.
ChangLou village is the hometown of Changhua month. He came to Beijing to work after graduating from high school. “I also have a good income in Beijing, but I always think about the land of my hometown.” Chang Huayue, 39, said that nine years ago, after consulting with her brother who started a business in Beijing, she decided to leave Beijing and return to her hometown to start a business.
Returning home to Baodi for trial planting of 200 mu asparagus
ChangLou village is located in the beach area of the Yellow River, with plenty of land and sufficient water. After many investigations, Changhua month chose asparagus as the planting variety. “Asparagus is a high-end vegetable with a large market gap and can be further processed. We choose green asparagus, which is as simple as planting crops.” Chang Huayue said that asparagus is a perennial crop. After planting in the first year, it can grow for 15-20 years. The longer it grows, the more asparagus it produces. “From the high-yield period in the third year, the well managed plots can produce more than 1000 kg of fresh green bamboo shoots per mu.”
In July 2012, Changhua transferred 200 mu of Yellow River beach and began to try asparagus. Asparagus has developed root system, which has good functions of wind prevention, sand fixation and soil improvement. “After planting asparagus, there was no dust in this sandy land,” said Chang Huayue.
What surprised Changhua month even more was that after the autumn of the second year, the harvested green asparagus was sold out. Once the accounts were settled, the net profit of 200 mu of land reached 1.37 million yuan after removing medicine and fertilizer, labor and circulating land rent. “At that time, the market was good and the purchase price was high. The average net profit per mu was about 7000 yuan.”
New technology helps to realize light and simplified planting
The success of the initial test has strengthened changhuayue’s confidence in entrepreneurship. “After discussing with my brother, I decided to expand the scale. My brother is responsible for asparagus sales, technical support and external liaison in Beijing, and I am responsible for daily management in the planting base.” Chang Huayue said that in 2013, he established an Asparagus Planting cooperative in his hometown.
In order to solve the problem that asparagus seeds are restricted by foreign countries, Changhua month invited asparagus breeding experts from scientific research institutions such as Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to establish Asparagus Industry Technology Research Institute, introduced more than 80 high-quality asparagus germplasm resources at home and abroad, established asparagus variety resource Garden, and explored “native killing and direct seeding”, “water and fertilizer induction and root restriction” and “intelligent management” And many other patents have filled the gap of Asparagus Planting Technology in China.
“We have tried to plant asparagus in greenhouses since last year, which not only prolongs the picking period, but also realizes the staggered peak production of Asparagus in winter, so that asparagus can be sold at a higher price.” Chang Huayue said that the cooperative has 11 asparagus greenhouses, each covering an area of 5.5 mu. “The asparagus in the field is harvested twice a year for about 120 days. The greenhouse can harvest four crops a year. The picking period is as long as 160 days. It is listed out of season, which has good benefits. After the output is stable, the annual output of green asparagus in one shed is more than 4500 kg, the average price is 10 yuan / kg, and the net profit is more than 47000 yuan.” at present, the 3000 mu open-air Asparagus Planting Base and greenhouse all use the integrated facilities of water and fertilizer, and drip irrigation is laid, Through mobile app, employees can accurately manage water and fertilizer by using the Internet of things and big data, realizing the light and simplified planting of asparagus.
Large scale planting makes asparagus distribution center
In order to open the market, Changhua month established the “China asparagus trading network” to contact asparagus buyers online. At present, in addition to supplying 6 asparagus processing plants and more than 60 supermarkets in Beijing, the products are also sold to wholesale markets in Jinan, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other places. The base has also built five green asparagus fresh-keeping warehouses with a capacity of 500 tons. With stable output and fast distribution, it has attracted more and more merchants to pull goods, and the trading market has gradually become the distribution and wholesale center of surrounding green asparagus.
“In the past, I wanted to plant and worry about the market. Now there is a base to guide technology and open acquisition. I just plant and harvest.” Li Haibin, a villager of Li cunying village, Li Cun town, yuncheng county, joined the cooperative and planted 26 mu of asparagus. “At present, more than 140 villagers from many villages in the town have joined the cooperative. We organize free planting training courses every year to teach villagers the techniques of seed selection, seedling raising and field management. All the picked green asparagus are also purchased, avoiding the risk of growers,” said Chang Huayue.
Now, 3000 mu asparagus has become a vibrant scenic spot on the Yellow River beach. “The cooperative will also expand its scale. It plans to build a 10000 mu standardized asparagus planting base, develop the deep processing of asparagus products, produce asparagus tea, wine, beverage and other high-end products, improve the added value of asparagus, gradually form a green industrial chain and create a green asparagus brand in the Yellow River Beach,” Changhua Yue said.

Post time: Sep-30-2021