Dongkeng Town has built a strong food safety defense line to protect the “tip of the tongue” of the people

Since the development of party history learning and education, Dongkeng Town has taken many measures to closely integrate the work of building a national food safety demonstration city with the practical activity of “I do practical things for the masses” in party history learning and education. Focusing on the difficulties, hot spots and blocking points of people’s attention to food safety, Dongkeng Town has protected the people’s rice bags, vegetable baskets and fruit plates by rectifying the agricultural trade market, Earnestly guard the safety of the broad masses.
Highlight organizational guidance and make the whole town “move”
Dongkeng Town has incorporated the upgrading and transformation of the farmers’ market into key livelihood projects, comprehensively paid attention to the planning, construction and management of the farmers’ market in the town, led the improvement of the quality of the farmers’ market with Party construction, built a model Party branch of Baishun market, and explored the establishment of a new model of farmers’ market governance of “accurate party construction + market supervision”, Party members and cadres led the majority of merchants and the masses to actively participate in the action of improving the quality of the farmers’ market, gathered a strong joint force of co construction and co governance, and built Baishun market into a standardized, convenient, intelligent and characteristic demonstration farmers’ market, which was promoted to the whole city.
Highlight the protection of people’s livelihood and “stabilize” the safety of the tip of the tongue
Establish a patrol supervision team of full-time duty members to patrol and supervise the farmers’ market in the town every day, closely track the market price order, standardize the farmers’ market access system, guide the market managers to uniformly establish food business archives and implement the purchase inspection record system, so as to ensure the stability of food prices and traceable sources. At the same time, all cold storages in the town are urged to use the “cold storage pass” refrigerated frozen food safety traceability system. For imported cold chain food, the product in and out of the warehouse information must be filled in the same day, so as to achieve targeted supervision and accurate supervision, and adopt the working mode of normal self-inspection of cold storages, normal supervision of regulatory departments, grid inspection, regular joint inspection and dynamic hierarchical and classified management, Establish a “three person team” in the cold storage to supervise and inspect the relevant fields in charge every day. Give full play to the technical support of quick inspection of agricultural products. Quick inspection rooms are set up in the four farmers’ markets in the town. The “open day for quick inspection of citizens” is held every Monday and Wednesday to test edible agricultural products for the masses free of charge, and build a “firewall” and “filter screen” in the farmers’ market. Since this year, more than 11000 batches of quick inspection and self inspection have been completed.
Highlight intelligent operation and make market supervision “accurate”
Implement the intelligent configuration of the farmers’ market. At present, 465 shops in Dongkeng Baishun market have set up network interfaces, and it is planned to fully cover the installation of measuring instruments in the smart farmers’ market within this year. We should build a smart system for the farmers’ market, based on the wisdom measurement statistics, relying on big data and the Internet of things, open up a new mode of intelligent commerce, implement the regulation of the Internet plus farmers’ market, collect market information, vegetable price information and transaction amount in a normalized, all directional and three-dimensional manner, and achieve effective combination of data acquisition and food traceability, and promote the transparency of commodity information. More accurate operation data and more real-time operation. The Internet plus Internet plus bright kitchen smart monitoring system is fully applied. The 32 schools canteen in the whole town has achieved the “Internet plus bright kitchen stove” 100% full coverage construction. In the first half of the year, the Internet and bright kitchen in the city ranked first in every phase.
Highlight source management and make the food basket “green”
In the whole town, Party members and technicians, Party members and volunteers and agricultural technical experts are divided into three groups to go deep into the fields, carry out agricultural policy publicity, technical training and technical guidance, adhere to the combination of explanation and demonstration, provide on-site guidance on cultivation management and comprehensive prevention and control for farmers, promote new technologies and policies beneficial to agriculture, and assist in the early and late harvest of each year Late rice planting task. Four animal immunization service points are set up in the internal medicine department of the whole town, so that the people can enjoy the “one-stop” immunization service nearby. The people make an online appointment, and the epidemic prevention personnel use the rest time such as noon and night to provide offline immunization services, so as to achieve 100% of the immune density of livestock and poultry in the whole town. We will promote the orderly development of grain production, organize and carry out science popularization activities on the theme of agricultural product safety, pay real attention to food safety from the source, implement the “green channel” policy for the transportation of fresh and live agricultural products, vigorously promote online sales and “contactless” distribution of agricultural products, and open up the “last mile” from businesses to the masses.

Post time: Oct-11-2021