Congratulations to Li Tie! Chinese football passed three good news in a row, and the biggest obstacle to qualifying for the world cup was removed

On September 22, Beijing time, the latest news came from Chinese football. According to Ma Dexing, a senior reporter of the domestic authoritative media Titan Sports Weekly, Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Linpeng and Yin Hongbo are not seriously injured. They can play in the next top 12 games. In the case of lack of competitiveness in the middle and back of the team, Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Linpeng and Yin Hongbo are about to return from injury, This is obviously conducive to Li Tie’s impact on the world cup.
Ma Dexing wrote: “yesterday morning, the national football team’s training in the hotel was divided into three. Due to the relatively small space, it can only carry out group training. About 10 players in each group carried out physical training in the gym under the leadership of the physical fitness coach. A total of 30 players participated in normal training that night, of which Chi Zhongguo was ill,
He was temporarily left in the hotel by the coaching team for adjustment, but the problem was not big. If there was no accident, Chi Zhongguo might be able to return to the team after training on the 21st. Zhang Linpeng continued to run circles alone on the court accompanied by the team doctor and began to slowly carry out ball training. The midfielder Yin Hongbo’s low back injury was OK and could recover soon after adjustment“
It can be seen from Ma Dexing’s report that three good news have been spread in Chinese football. Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Linpeng and Yin Hongbo are not seriously injured, and they will recover soon. Although the reporter did not disclose more information, Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Linpeng and Yin Hongbo have no major injuries, which must be good news for Li Tie.
Because those who often pay attention to Chinese football know that after losing the first two rounds, the preparation of the national football team also encountered great obstacles. Chi Zhongguo, Zhang Linpeng and Yin Hongbo were injured and missed the whole team training, which once worried the fans. Because there are not many people available in the middle and back fields of the national football team, Li Tie also pays more attention to the injuries of the team.
Originally, according to the previous news, the outside world once thought that they could not catch up with the next top 12 games, but now Ma Dexing clearly pointed out that the injuries of the three international players are no big problem and are about to recover. This is not only what Li Tie is willing to see, but also means that the biggest obstacle affecting the qualification of the world cup has been removed.

Post time: Sep-22-2021