“China’s first batch of new crop garlic to hit the market in late May”

After a brief lull in late April, garlic prices began rising again in early May. “In the first week of May, the price of raw garlic rose to more than ¥4/ jin, up about 15% in a week. Old garlic prices are rising again as new garlic begins to form in May in anticipation of lower production in the new season. At present, the new garlic price will be higher than the old garlic.

New garlic is being excavated and the first batch will be available by the end of May. From the current view, new garlic production is likely to be quite large, but the total supply should be enough, and the quality is ideal, more spicy taste. As for the reasons for the production reduction, one is the climate, the other is the low price of garlic in the past two years, some farmers have changed to other products due to the decrease of income, which has reduced the garlic planting area.

Since March this year, garlic prices have continued to rise, and it is expected that high prices will become a trend for a period of time, with frequent fluctuations. For the high price of garlic, many customers can not accept, so the current slow delivery, but the purchase is still continuing. Many buyers have reduced their purchases due to the high price, but the impact on some large buyers is not significant, because there are fewer competitors in the market at this time, and garlic is in demand, the high price in some ways actually benefit some large buyers.

At present, the overall purchase of customers is slowing down. They hope to purchase new garlic after the consumption of old garlic, and gradually accept the high price.

In addition, a new season of Onions is now being shipped.

Post time: May-17-2023