Businesses need to know that the new policy will come into effect on June 1!

In december2020, Amazon delayed annual cost adjustments and reduced costs to support sellers in a challenging winter.

Now, as Amazon’s next U.S. multi-channel distribution (MCF) fee adjustment will take place on June 1, 2021.

Amazon’s 2021 U.S. multi-channel shipping fee change page outlines the changes, which include the following:

Amazon will moderately increase the cost of distribution (an average of about 3 per cent) to reflect changing delivery, transportation and warehousing costs. The growth is consistent with the average growth of the industry performing services;

Amazon added the option to stop Amazon logistics from shipping orders, but it charged a 5% surcharge;

Because Amazon logistics is prohibited in sales channels such as eBay and Walmart, sellers can block this delivery method at the account level in FBA settings or for a single order;

Amazon combines most MCF product size layers with Amazon distribution layers, and adds a new “small standard size” layer: 2 ounces or less;

Amazon will cancel the fast and priority speed of large and special Mega products.


Amazon has also recently launched the MCF features that sellers need most:

Amazon improved on time delivery of customer orders;

Now, the standard speed order for inventory speed is shipped within two working days after the order is created, and the order with acceleration and priority speed is delivered within one working day.

Amazon has added the ability to track aftership to ensure that Amazon logistics shipments can be tracked on popular channels such as Etsy and wish.

Sellers can also search for any MCF tracking number; The tracking number can be accessed on the seller center order details page or via Amazon’s tracking API.

If the seller provides their email address when submitting the customer’s order, it can be automatically sent to the customer.

Amazon will use the seller’s MCF number when calculating seller’s IPI scores, which may help sellers qualify for unlimited storage space.

Sellers can now register as candidates for beta tests that will be included in branded packaging and international transport functions.


Amazon also reduced the cost of multi-channel distribution for some of the most popular size bands in the UK.

This means that if sellers are still using Amazon logistics and using it to deliver orders from non Amazon sales platforms, sellers will pay less.

Amazon UK multi channel distribution fee reduction took effect on April 26:

Reduce the standard implementation cost by up to 18%;

Reduce the expedited cost by up to 24%.

New multi-channel delivery fee example:

Here are some typical product examples that show how multi-channel performance costs will change between product size levels.

Post time: May-29-2021