The news of growing vegetables in Antarctica spread all over the world, but experts said: human beings can’t plant any more

As a big country, our country not only symbolizes peace, but also symbolizes hard work. When it comes to hard work, we have to say that our farmers, whether they are windy, sunny or stormy, still have to appear in the agricultural land. It is not easy to add water when the weather is hot and send warmth when the weather is cold. But you may think that farmers only live inland, in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, but in fact, some people have begun to grow vegetables in Antarctica.
You may think it’s incredible to hear this, but in fact, it’s true. There is an orthopedic doctor invited to China’s investigation station in Antarctica. Unexpectedly, in addition to research, he also grows vegetables in his laboratory, but these vegetables are not like our usual planting methods, It adopts soilless planting and nutrient solution moisture.
In this way, these vegetables still live very well, which provides the supply of vegetables for the Antarctic Chinese expedition. Generally speaking, most of the materials sent here are meat and few vegetables. However, planting vegetables here can not only solve the supply of vegetables in Antarctica, but also study what it would be like to plant vegetables on the moon and Mars.
However, although this method is good, as the news continues to ferment, many people think it is not good. The reason is that Antarctica was originally prohibited from entering by agreement, and even the flowers on the table must be fake, because in order to reduce the invasion of Antarctica, in the past, some scientists introduced more than 100 kinds of plants to the islands around Antarctica, It was found that these alien species did great harm to native species, many of which were extinct.
Because of this phenomenon, countries around the world have signed agreements to protect Antarctica and prohibit all alien species from entering Antarctica. Even before entering Antarctica, all scientific researchers must take off their shoes and wipe the soles of their shoes. This is to prevent seeds from being accidentally carried into Antarctica. Therefore, it can be seen that growing vegetables in Antarctica is not legal, So although we want to experiment, we still have to follow the rules. Of course, this sentence is not aimed at China, because even foreign exploration teams secretly grow vegetables in Antarctica, so we really should supervise each other, otherwise it will only damage the environment more and more.

Post time: Sep-07-2021