Jinqi garlic recent price trend and future market forecast!

At present, from the reaction of garlic market in various places, garlic has reached the top of the wave. The number of vehicles selling garlic in the market is increasing every day, but there are very few garlic buyers. The key is that there are very few garlic dealers in the market.
Some market analysts believe that the signal of garlic market peaking is coming, and the garlic price is facing the increasing risk of falling.
Looking at today’s garlic market in Qixian County, we can know what kind of level the current price is. Today’s Shengda market in Qixian County is weakening, the volume of goods in the production area is still too much, the price of the demand side is less, the buyers and sellers have a wait-and-see mood, the buying and selling situation is not positive, the mainstream delivery price is not significantly lower, and the general mixed price is 2.25-2.45 yuan / kg, The price of mixed grade is 2.45-2.65 yuan / kg.
The reason why the price of garlic will fall is that the price of garlic has risen too fast since the new garlic came into the market. For garlic farmers, they have high expectations for this year’s garlic market. It is also due to the low price of garlic in the early stage of last year and the impact of the price rise in the later stage, as well as the unprovoked reduction of garlic area and the news of freezing injury, Some garlic farmers generally believe that the price will rise this year. When the price exceeds 2.5 yuan, garlic farmers are already reluctant to sell, which leads to the price rising.
With the rapid rise of the price of new garlic, the price of some fresh garlic has become a hot spot, which makes garlic farmers have higher expectations for this year’s garlic. When the price is about to reach 3 yuan, or even some good garlic reaches 3 yuan, garlic farmers do not start to sell, but when the price really comes down, garlic farmers are actively selling these days, But because it is still at a relatively high price, some garlic merchants are still more cautious, which leads to the current price continues to decline.
At present, the most important thing is the garlic dealers. To be exact, they are the mobile hawkers. They are the barometer of the price of garlic. If the price of garlic rises slightly, they will receive goods actively, because in their opinion, they don’t need to have a high profit. What they expect is that they can make a profit every day. Even if the price falls, they won’t lose too much.
As far as the present situation is concerned, time is not good for garlic farmers. That is to say, the storer can not accept the high price, but the garlic farmers can not always sell garlic. If the market continues to fall, garlic farmers still have to sell, if this will lead to garlic prices falling. So the price of garlic may fall in the near future, it seems to be a foregone conclusion.
However, it is not absolute at any time. The garlic market is a ghost market. In previous years, many garlic farmers insisted that they had good profit returns, because no garlic farmer or garlic merchant could accurately judge the future garlic market, and the price rise in the later period was not necessarily impossible. Everything depends on the garlic farmers’ determination and psychological endurance!

Post time: Jul-01-2021