It is reported that Facebook is trying to repair the damaged image of the company through message flow

For the current world-famous social networking giant, many behaviors of Facebook have also caused great controversy. In order to recover the image damage caused by countless scandals, it is reported that the company is trying to improve people’s impression of it through news feed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed the project as part of the project amplify project last month, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.
Mark zuckberg data chart
In an interview with the times, Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne argued that the company had not changed its strategy and denied that it had held a relevant meeting in January this year.
In addition, Joe Osborne also told the news media in a tweet that Facebook’s dynamic message ranking has not been affected.
“This is a test of clearly marking the information unit from Facebook, but it is not the first of its kind, but similar to the corporate responsibility initiative seen in other technologies and consumer products,” he said.
However, since the exposure of the Cambridge analysis data collection scandal in 2018, Facebook has been facing strict scrutiny by Congress and regulators, raising public concerns about whether the company is responsible for protecting users’ personal data.
In addition, the social networking giant was also criticized for failing to timely and effectively block the spread of wrong information related to issues such as elections and the new crown virus.
Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a series of internal research reports on Facebook. The results once again damaged Facebook’s corporate image, including identifying the company’s instagram platform as “harmful to girls”.
Then Facebook chose to strongly refute the relevant reports in a lengthy blog post, saying that these stories “deliberately contain misleading statements about corporate motives”.

Post time: Sep-22-2021