Congratulations on the successful implementation of the first cross-border e-commerce order of the first enterprise in the park!

On May 27, a truck full of local vegetables in Anqiu went through all the formalities to Qingdao port, where the goods were smoothly cleared and transported to Singapore. This is the first cross-border e-commerce export order of Weifang Zhunyi Trade Co., Ltd., the first cross-border e-commerce head enterprise in the industrial park, which marks the successful landing of the first cross-border e-commerce order of the enterprises in the industrial park.


On April 23, China nongchuanggang cross border e-commerce Industrial Park successfully attracted investment from Hangzhou cross border e-commerce company and established Weifang Zhunyi Trade Co., Ltd. to settle in the industrial park. The successful completion of this order has laid a foundation for comprehensive cooperation between the two sides in the field of cross-border e-commerce in the future.

After the completion of the order, the person in charge of Weifang Zhunyi Trade Co., Ltd. said that through the concern and support of leaders at all levels for the industrial park, he saw a new opportunity for the development of cross-border e-commerce and reached a consensus on cooperation with the industrial park at the first time. The service of the Industrial Park seems to be tailor-made for us. We can not only enjoy the one-stop comprehensive service from order to customs clearance, but also enjoy a series of export subsidy policies. This is unimaginable before entering the industrial park. The industrial park not only serves our cross-border e-commerce enterprises, but also has unique advantages in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade industry. We hope that more enterprises will enter the industrial park, change from mutual competition to collaborative development, and achieve win-win results!


Based on the cross-border e-commerce platform and eight services as the benchmark, the cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park of China nongchuang port gathers resources from all sides to provide the settled enterprises with platform information management, supply chain finance, insurance, logistics transportation, customs clearance, foreign exchange rebate, export subsidies, e-commerce delay and other services, creating a one-stop comprehensive service platform for cross-border e-commerce. At present, 158 enterprises have settled on the platform, The platform has accumulated more than US $10 million. Industrial parks and platforms are attracting investment, and a series of preferential policies such as rent reduction and export subsidies have been introduced for enterprises entering the park.


In the second half of this year, it is planned that 400 enterprises will be settled in the platform, 50 enterprises will be settled in the industrial park, and 50 cross-border e-commerce enterprises will be incubated through the agricultural innovation and Hong Kong business school. The “9710″ cross-border e-commerce mode will be promoted and applied to more domestic enterprises, and the cross-border export transaction volume of the platform “9710″ this year will be more than US $40 million. At the same time, nongchuanggang cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park has established Gongshi nongchuang (Weifang) Information Technology Co., Ltd., nongchuanggang international trade (Weifang) Co., Ltd. and E-Net Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. to promote international and domestic double circulation by building its own cross-border e-commerce platform, creating innovative live broadcast industrial base and bonded import and export. The industrial park will radiate the surrounding areas with the local area, form a new business form and new mode of cross-border e-commerce, and truly realize the empowerment of enterprises by platform, the assistance of enterprise development to increase farmers’ income, and the revitalization of rural areas by increasing farmers’ income!

Post time: May-29-2021