1063 clusters of grapes per plant set a new agricultural record in Zhejiang Province

On August 8, the office of Zhejiang agriculture committee organized experts to count and measure a 10-year-old Summer Black grapevine at Zhijun family farm, Henglu village, Tangxian Town, Yongkang City. A total of 1063 clusters of fruit were found on the grapevine, which broke the previous record of Zhejiang agriculture that the grapevine had the most clusters of fruit per plant.

This grape adopts the big tree crown cultivation mode, covering an area of about 220 square meters, saving more than one third of manpower compared with the traditional planting, and has the advantages of good ventilation and light transmission, early maturity, better fruit coloring, better quality, and interplanting. In terms of planting technology, we should increase the application of organic fertilizer, appropriate fruit thinning, timely pinching of new shoots, prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, and scientific management of soil moisture. Besides, we should leave 1-2 buds for pruning in winter, and leave enough space for shelf development, which can effectively improve the fruit yield of single grape plant, and the demonstration effect is significant.


Post time: Jul-14-2021