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The Spanish company developed natural fungicides to deal with leaf edge scorching bacteria

According to the news from Barcelona, Spain, leaf edge scorch, which is widely spread all over the world and causes huge economic losses and endangers a variety of crops, is expected to be controlled. The Development Department of Spain lainco company and the ...
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14 months in a row! Ginger prices fell to a new low

As of the past December, the domestic ginger price has continued to decline. From November 2020 to December 2021, the wholesale price has continued to decline for 14 consecutive months. In late December, according to the market data of Xinfadi in Beijing, the ...
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Garlic prices continued to decline in December, and it is difficult to improve in the near future

In December, the price of garlic in domestic cold storage continued to fall. Although the daily decline is small, it has maintained a sustained unilateral weakening market. The price of 5.5cm red garlic in Jinxiang market has decreased from 3 yuan / kg to 2.55...
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The first batch of domestic cranberries has gradually entered the peak production period, and the price of fresh fruits is up to 150 yuan / kg

Since the first bumper harvest in 2019, the Red Sea planting Cranberry base in Fuyuan has ushered in a bumper harvest for the third consecutive year. Among the 4200 mu of cranberries in the base, only 1500 mu of cranberries have entered the high-yield period, ...
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The new production season of Australian nuts was opened, and the first stop of the launching ceremony landed in Guangzhou

On the morning of December 10, taste Australia held the launching ceremony of Australian stone fruit 2021 season in Guangzhou jiangfuhui market. This season taste Australia will hold a series of Australian stone fruit promotion activities in the Chinese market...
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21.35 tons of deqinggong oranges were exported to Canada for the first time

On December 5, 21.35 tons of Deqing Gonggan were shipped to North America. This is the first time Deqing Gong oranges are exported to Canada, and the arrival time is expected to be around New Year's day in 2022. This batch of tribute oranges is exported by Gua...
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Garlic prices loosened and exports rose in October

Since October, domestic vegetable prices have risen rapidly, but garlic prices have remained stable. After the cold wave in early November, as the rain and snow dissipated, the industry paid more attention to the planting area of garlic in the new season. As g...
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Ginger prices fell precipitously, with a maximum drop of 90%

Since November, the purchase price of domestic ginger has fallen sharply. Many producing areas offer ginger less than 1 yuan, some even only 0.5 yuan / kg, and there is a large-scale backlog. Last year, ginger from the origin could be sold for 4-5 yuan / kg, a...
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Recently, the supply of garlic has exceeded the demand, and the price in some producing areas has fallen below the lowest level in a decade

According to, in the past six months, garlic prices in China have fallen sharply, and garlic prices in some producing areas once fell below the lowest point in ten years. At the regular press conference held by the Ministry of agriculture and rur...
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China Laos and China Myanmar ports are about to reopen in batches, and banana exports to China are expected to return to normal

Recently, it is reported on the Internet that the Mohan boten port between China and Laos has begun to receive returning Lao people, and the freight clearance has also begun trial operation. At the same time, Mengding Qingshuihe port and Houqiao gambaidi port ...
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